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Definition of Records, as defined in 5 CCR § 59020 of the Education Code, is as follows: “Records” means all records, maps, books, paper, data processing output, and electronic documents that a Community College District is required by law to prepare or retain by law or official duty.  “Records” includes “student records” as defined in § 76210 of the Education Code and subsection (c) of § 54606 of this title.

The governing board of each Community College District shall establish an annual procedure by which the chief executive officer, or other designee shall review documents and papers received or produced during the prior academic year and classify them as Class 1 – Permanent, Class 2 – Optional, or Class 3 – Disposable.  For more detailed information see:

Please contact your department head to have records classified and/or request destruction of same.


  • Requester may request archive boxes which are available through the Warehouse Supplies Catalog
  • Requester must complete Archive Submittal Form
  • Warehouse will prepare a label and verify “Class” and destroy date
  • Warehouse conducts an “Archive Destruction” screen annually and will notify departments that have archived files with impending destruction dates, so further action may be taken.