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Using EduNav

EduNav is a course planning tool that helps you plan out and visualize course sequences. Like a GPS system would help you navigate directions while driving, EduNav gives you different optimal routes to your preferred destination. You can make adjustments or create preferences and it will adjust accordingly. It keeps you aware of significant changes in the road ahead and helps you plan your path forward. Like a GPS, it adjusts with your progress – so your plan will change as you progress through your degree.

EduNav helps you have informed conversations with your Academic Advisor and to help you plan for the path ahead. Like any journey, it helps to both check your system and have conversations with Advisors who can give advice based on their expertise to make your overall experience better.

Official Transcripts can be obtained from the AVC Transcript Office, and while EduNav provides downloadable records, these do not replace official transcripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only local majors are available in the system at this time. We are working on new majors and as they become available, students will see the EduNav planning option

If you are having trouble logging into the system:

  1. Check that your major is supported on the Majors page.
  2. Check that your AVC login is working correctly. You can check your login at https://www.avc.edu.
  3. Contact our Help Desk at help@avc.edu or 661.722.6300, extension 6535

Not yet, but soon. Majors are being prioritized first for development with minors and certificates being loaded into the system thereafter. A double-major can only be supported if both majors have been developed and launched as a Supported Major.

EduNav does not yet allow for the ability to add Honors or Health Profession requirements. Ensure you work with your Academic Advisor, Health Professions Advisor, and/or Honors Counselor to ensure you are planning appropriately and have met all program requirements.

It is recommended to use a large screen, such as a laptop or desktop monitor, to view the entire scope of your SmartPlan. EduNav uses a minimum setting of 1080 x 590 to be able to view plans. If the screen is not displaying on your laptop or desktop, try adjusting your screen resolution size, maximizing your internet browser window, or adjusting the zoom settings in your browser.

Adjusting: If you have a course, or major requirement, not showing up in the right order of where you expect it, first try adjusting the individual course, or requirement, and moving it to your desired term. Keep in mind that as you enroll in new courses and complete new units, your plan will re-plan and optimize a new path to completing your goal. It will adapt as you go.

Not in the System: If your placement tests or scores, or a prerequisite course, are not yet in the system EduNav will be unable to plan accordingly.

Still Not Helping: If a requirement that you have fulfilled is not counting or showing up in the right place, contact your Academic Advisor(s) for assistance.

Course patterns change quickly and not every course that we anticipate offering will always be able to be offered. Keep in mind, just as a new accident can re-route a GPS while driving to a destination, EduNav will create a new optimized SmartPlan for your path based on currently offered courses and any changes in your registration.

Yes, if you are declared to a local degree at the moment. EduNav is intended as a planning tool for AVC students to map out their course sequences and determine the optimal path to their goal.

If you share your plan with someone they will be able to see your full academic history and future planned courses. This includes your prior courses, transfer courses, grades, your current/upcoming term schedule with days and times, and all placement test scores.