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Student Health Services Fee explained

The Student Health Services Fee provides access to physical, mental, dental and health education services to AVC students. The cost is $19 per Fall and Spring semester and $16 per Intersession and Summer session. All students are required to pay this mandatory fee. Failure to pay fees by the deadline will result in all your classes being dropped.

Only if a student adheres to the teachings that they rely exclusively upon prayer for healing may they complete a waiver form in the Student Life and Services Office. Every waiver will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Life and Services. All decisions will be made by the dean and the students will be informed by e-mail within 48 hours if their waiver has been approved or denied. In addition, the Cashier’s Office will be notified and the Student Health Service fees will be assessed or not assessed depending on the decision.

Students must submit the waiver form at least 48 hours before the payment deadline to allow time for processing.  Students may submit their waiver request form prior to their registration date to allow time for processing.

Here is the link to the Student Health Fee Waiver Application. Please complete the application and email back to

Refund of Student Health Services Fee

The Student Health Services Fee will be refunded in full to those students who totally withdraw from all classes within the first two weeks of instruction.