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Raising Funds for the AVC Hearts & Hands Food Pantry

The Antelope Valley College Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 established in 1991 to receive and administer gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations, in support of the college. For more than 30 years, we have supported students by funding their pursuits toward higher education and providing resources to help with their success. Our mission, in partnership with a volunteer board of directors, is to increase resources, raise funds and create friends and partnerships in support of education at AVC.

  • Contributions to the Foundation qualify for state and federal tax deductions and for estate tax savings.
  • The Foundation is independently audited and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, most of whom live and work in the communities served by the Antelope Valley Community College District of north Los Angeles County.

About the Students We Serve

Each year, scholarship recipients are asked to send a video of thanks to their donor.  Not only are these videos a special way to receive thanks from students, but it is also a valuable way to connect with our students and learn more about their educational journey.  Below is a sample of a few we recently received:

YouTube link to video testimonials




  • Giving Tuesday:  From 2015 to 2022, we raised $55,525 for the ASO Hearts & Hands Food Pantry supporting 874 students.
  • Scholarships:  From 2015 to 2022, 1,202 scholarships were given to 688 students for a total of $1,085,160.  The average scholarship was $1,600.

Growing the Foundation

During the last two pandemic years, our donors continued to support our students, faculty, staff, and college through in-kind and monetary support.  It has been difficult for all of us, but it has also been transformational.  We have lived it and learned from it and we are stronger - and in some ways - better, forcing us to innovate.  We have learned to be agile and flexible in our way of working, communicating, and adapting. 

  • Continued strategic focus on endowment and scholarship growth
  • 1,000 active donors averaging $2,348/donor
  • Achieved 5%/year planned growth resulting in $10.1M total endowments
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