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Admissions & Records: Add Authorization Codes (AACs)

Add Authorization Codes (AACs) replace instructor signed Add/Drop slips. AACs are not transferable and it is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct to give an AAC to another student.

If you receive an AAC, register online through your myAVC account on the day that you receive the code.  If you are attempting registration in a lecture/lab course, you need to obtain both AACs before registering online.

Excerpt from Student Code of Conduct:

Section 2 .2(a)  Forgery, alteration, or misuse of college documents, records, identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to the college.  Abuse of and/or tampering with the registration process.

Quick Instructions:

Step 1:  Getting to the Add/ Drop page

  1. Login to your myAVC account.
  2. Click the Register.
  3. Click the Register Add/Drop Classes

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      4. Click the Select Term link.  Select the term and click the Submit button.      


      5. If you are not on waitlist, search for your class. Click the "Add a course".

         Once you find your class click "Select" to add it to your registration cart.




       6. If you see your class on the registration card, click on the "CHANGE" button and select "Mark to register with Add Code".


      7. If you are prompted for the Add Code. Enter the Add code and click the "Update Registration Button". 




What are Add Authorization codes (AACs)?

Add Authorization Codes (AACs) replace instructor signed Add/Drop slips. AACs are codes that are given to you by an instructor allowing you to "crash" in the course using your myAVC account. 

How are AACs used?

If you receive an AAC from an instructor, login to your myAVC account and follow the steps at the top of this page. AACs cannot be given or traded for other AACs for any reason. 

Note:  For lecture/lab courses, enter all CRNS and AACs at the same time.

When are AACs used?

AACs are used once the course begins and may be entered until the last day to add.  You can find the last date to add for any course by using the Lookup Classes link (online schedule) on the AVC homepage.  Use the search options to find your class.  Click the blue CRN link and scroll down to the bottom of the window to view the add dates.  AACs cannot be used after the last date to add.

What if I encounter a Registration Add Error?

Some courses have prerequisites, co-requisites, or other requirements that must be met to register in a course.

If you encounter "Registration Error" you will need to resolve the error before you can register in the course.  Common registration errors include prerequisites, co-requisites, time conflicts, etc.  You have 3 days to resolve the error and register in the course.  All AACs expire on the last day to add regardless of the 3 day limit.  If you attempt to register on the day before the last day to add, you will have 1 day to resolve the error and register in the course.

How do I get help?

If you encounter login issues or other technical issues with your myAVC account, please contact the myAVC help desk at 661 722 6300 ext. 6605.

If you have a question about Add Authorization Codes (AACs), please contact Admissions and Records at 661 722 6300 ext. 6504.