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AVC Connects  - Creating a culture of connection

Tuesday, October 3rd


Student Lounge

Stop in for fun activities, connect with your peers, and light refreshments.

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AVC Listens

Next AVC Listens Event Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023  2:30-3:30PM  SSV Back Entrance under the patio

What is AVC Listens?

AVC Listens is a listening group on campus that provides an opportunity for student's to be heard! During the semester we set up an area with a couple of chairs and some friendly faces with good listening ears for anyone passing by to stop and sit a bit and talk - talk about anything they have on their mind: school, family life, fun things they are looking forward to...etc.

This is not a counseling session, or therapy, it is simply listening. Listening to others has shown to reduce feelings of loneliness, reduce tension and stress levels and most importantly feel connected!

If you are a good listener and have a little time to join us, there's a few requirements. It will required for you to view a couple things and familiarize yourself with AVC and Community Resources.

Here's what's required:

For more info or if you are interested in becoming a Listener, please email Jen Winn


What is AVC CARES?

The ISP/AVC Cares Committee was created as an additional avenue of support for the students at Antelope Valley College who are feeling overwhelmed and are thinking about suicide. 

The goal of the Interactive Screening Program (ISP) is to reach students proactively before a crisis emerges.  ISP intervenes at many different levels that have been recommended as part of a comprehensive paradigm for preventing suicide.

The AVC Cares Committee carries out their work to create a safe and inviting environment on campus for students by creating and displaying positive inspirational quotes throughout campus, active listening events, bringing awareness to the campus about the stigma and taboo of suicide, supporting educational events, and providing support to students throughout the semester.

To reach an AVC Cares Committee member or if you have any questions about this service, please contact Student Health Services at (661) 722.6300 x 6683 or email

For more information or to utilize the anonymous, confidential and completely voluntary Interactive Screening Program (ISP) Questionnaire


Take an Anonymous Stress & Depression Questionnaire

Take an anonymous and confidential Stress & Depression Questionnaire offered by Student Health Services.  We invite you to take a few minutes right now to visit and complete a brief online Stress & Depression Questionnaire.

The Stress & Depression Questionnaire:
  • Is entirely anonymous, confidential, and completely voluntary
  • Is a safe and easy way to find out if stress, anxiety or depression may be affecting you
  • Is a free service from AVC Counselors
  • Will not affect your access to student health or counseling services

There are 3 easy steps:

1. Take and submit the 10-minute Questionnaire identifying yourself only with a User ID that you select
2. An AVC Counselor will post a personal response to you on the secure website with information, recommendations, and options for next steps
3. You decide what's next.  You'll have the option of communicating with the counselor through this website or on the phone.  Or, you can decide to do nothing further at this time

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Student Health Services at