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Honors Courses

Honors courses are open to any AVC student to explore the honors learning experience. The courses listed reflect what is offered for the specific term. With each enrollment period, an updated list will be posted. Honors courses are capped at 21 students max. 

Summer & Fall 2023 Honors Courses

Honors Options

List of Approved Honors Faculty for Honors Options

Honors Options are only for students who are officially in the honors program. The honors options listed, at the above link, reflect all courses that have been approved for honors option credit. Only approved honors faculty should be approached regarding honors options.

Honors students may complete two (of the five required) classes by enrolling in and fulfilling an honors option by the contract system. The grade in the course will not be affected by the completion or lack of completion of an honors option.

Before offering an honors option to a student, instructors must submit a proposal and receive approval from the Honors Committee. Instructors may use their discretion in deciding whether to offer an honors option for a particular course or student. Faculty who do not consistently meet the guidelines set forth by the Honors Committee may have their course approval revoked.

Please contact the Honors Co-Coordinators for interests in joining the honors faculty and providing honors courses and/or options. 

Courses can be viewed in more detail on the official AVC class schedule