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Business Services: Financial Reports

There are several reports to help monitor the fiscal solvency of Antelope Valley College to include monthly Budget-to-Actuals to the Board of Trustees, the annual filing of the CCFS 311 report to the Chancellor's Office and the Fiscal Data Abstract, which is a compilation of financial statistics across California's Community Colleges.

Fund Manager Financial Reports

Quarterly Budget-to-Actuals

On a quarterly basis, Antelope Valley College includes the Budget-to-Actuals Financial Report to the Board of Trustees for any given fiscal year. Below are the most recent reports for this fiscal year.









Reference: California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 9, Subchapter 4, 58300

Annual CCFS 311 Reports

Annually, each institution is required to file an annual actuals expenditure report no later than October 15th for the preceding fiscal year.

Fiscal Data Abstracts

The California Community Colleges Fiscal Data Abstract is derived from the CCFS 311 report and shows the financial statistics compared to all California Community Colleges.