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The Second Year Experience (SYE) program is designed to support the successful academic and social advancement of continuing students through to completion of their educational pathway. In collaboration with system and college initiatives such as Guided Pathways and Financial Literacy & Wellness the mission is to solidify educational pathways to careers.

The program provides registration assistance, educational advising, high engagement strategies, peer mentoring; on-going events and workshops, all aimed at giving second-year students the tools they need to successfully advance to transfer to a four year institution and/or their career of choice.

All second year students at AVC are members of the SYE program.

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Standard Student Expectations:

SYE students will have access to the following benefits:


We are located in The HUB.

Funding provided by Initiated with funding from U.S. Department of Education Title V HSI Grant and the California State Initiative AB 2 Program.



(661) 722-6300 x6478

Request Peer Mentor or (661) 722-6300 x6478

Michelle Hernandez, BA, MSA: Associate Dean

Ashley Hawkins, BS, MBA: Project Supervisor

Chloe Vidana, Clerical Assistant III

Andrea Brown, BA, MA: Program Specialist

Erica Reyes, Education Advisor

Sandra Zamudio, Career Center

Dr. Jessica Eaton, Transfer Center