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The Books H.E.L.P. Program

Books H.E.L.P.

Books H.E.L.P. is a program helps eligible Antelope Valley College students borrow course textbooks and calculators until the agreed return date, free of charge. Stand-alone access codes for statistics courses (StatCrunch and MyMathLab -MML).



  1. To be eligible for the Books H.E.L.P. Program, students must be:
  2. Currently be enrolled as an AVC Student.
  3. Currently registered in the class for which the book is required. 
  4. Have a current Education Plan and on track for degree/certificate completion.
  5. FAFSA/DREAM ACT/Financial Aid Verification of Funds Form/AB540 application completed at the AVC Financial Aid office for the academic year that books are requested.
  6. Submit a complete online Books H.E.L.P. application by the deadline
  7. No prior penalties within the Books H.E.L.P. program.
  8. Have reviewed Books H.E.L.P terms and fines guidelines (see here)

Students are served on a first come first served basis according to each person’s needs and Books H.E.L.P. ranking criteria. Students must apply each semester. Books H.E.L.P. Committee has the right to deny the application at any time. 

Note: If the instructor has not submitted their book request to the bookstore, the book will not show on the book listing. Please reach out to instructor regarding book availability.


Students wishing to apply must submit a complete online book request application.

 Fall 2023 Application Is Open!

Additional distributions will be held for Late-Start Classes.



Fall 2023 Late-Start Application

  • To pick-up at the Lancaster Campus - Apply HERE 
  • To pick-up at the Palmdale Campus - Apply HERE 

Distributions will be held for the Main Campus (Lancaster) and the Palmdale Center. Additional information and updates will be sent via AVC email. 


Application Instructions:

Prior to beginning the application, you should have available to you:

  • Student ID Number
  • AVC Email Address
  • Be Logged into your AVC Email (You will not be able to access the application if not logged into your AVC Email)


Please make sure your schedule is finalized before applying for Books HELP


Returning Books?

Book returns will be accepted at the end of the term. Additional information about book return locations and dates will be sent to your email.

Textbooks and calculators must be returned to the check-in office on or before the borrower’s agreement date. If a student is tardy in returning their textbook, they may be ineligible to participate in the program. Failure to return the book(s) will result in the HOLD remaining on the student’s account (restriction from registration, financial aid, etc.). If a borrowed book is lost, stolen or damaged, the borrowing student accepts full responsibility for the replacement costs of the book, which must be repaid to the Books H.E.L.P. Program prior to the hold being removed from the student account


For information, please see:

Books H.E.L.P. FAQ

Books H.E.L.P. Information for Instructors


Contact Information:

For more information or questions about the Books H.E.L.P. Program please contact us at bookshelp@avc.edu.

Funded by a generous grant from the Student Equity Grant.