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Student Life: Associated Student Organization (ASO)

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) of Antelope Valley College is the campus student government.  They are a collection of students who are dedicated to coordinating the representation and action of student opinion.  Meetings are held to discuss and perform action on issues that affect the student population.  ASO supports the students by maintaining and promoting a social, cultural, and educational atmosphere at Antelope Valley College.  ASO participates in shared governance committee meetings providing student input and lobbying for the student interest.

ASO Shared Governance Committees

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ASO meetings are open to all currently enrolled students! 
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ASO hosts the Civic and Voter Engagement Committee, the Board of Trustees Candidate Forum, supports the Student Emergency Fund, Hispanic Heritage Month, Founder's Day, Homecoming, and many more.  Get more information on how you can make a difference.

Forms & Documents

All forms and documents are PDFs.

Inter Club Council

Inter-Club Council (ICC)