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Academic Achievement Committee: Representatives

Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee Co-chair: Dr. Howard Davis

Faculty Co-chair (appointed by Academic Senate): Professor Wendy Rider

Faculty Co-chair: Professor Jane Bowers

Associate Dean of Student Life: Ms. Michelle Hernandez

Counselor: Ms. Rosa Fuller

Dean of Math, Science & Engineering: Mr. Christos Valiotis

Dean of Language & Communication Arts: Ms. Riley Dwyer 

Dean of Arts & Humanities: Ms. Kathryn Mitchell

Dean of Student Services: Dr. Jill Zimmerman 

Dean of Admissions & Records: Ms. LaDonna Trimble

Math, Science & Engineering Faculty (1): Mr. Peter McLoughlin

Director of Student Equity: Ms. Rashall Hightower-Stickel

English Faculty: Professors Heidi Williams & Tino Garcia

ESL Faculty (1): Professor D. Scott Jenison

Reading Faculty (1): Professor Morenike Adebayo-Ige

Learning Center Faculty/Staff (1): Ms. Jasmine Garcia

Career & Technical Education Faculty (1): Ms. Rosario Gonzalez

Assessment Coordinator: Mr. Wade Saari

Office of Student Disabilities Learning Specialist  (1): Ms. Tamira Palmetto Despain 

Institutional Researchers: Ms. Svetlana Deplazes & Ms. Vanessa Escobar

Program Specialist, Student Equity: Ms. Ty Steans

Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate (1 transfer/ 1 Vocational)

GED Faculty (approved by the Basic Skills Committee April 14, 2009) (1)

Student Representative (appointed by ASO) (1)