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EOPS & CARE: EOPS Eligibility

There are six basic requirements that must be met for determining eligibility for EOPS. These requirements are as follows:

Financial Need
The California College Promise Grant must be method A (for recipients of AFDC, SSI/SSP, or General Relief), method B (based on prior year income and family size) as determined by the Financial Aid Office, or method C (based on a zero estimated family contribution).

Unmet Need
You must complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to have your unmet need determined by the Financial Aid Office. Click here to complete the 2023-24 FAFSA form: If you are a Dreamer, complete and submit a California Dream Act Application (  )

IMPORTANT: Even if you have a school loan in default, you should complete and submit the FAFSA form because you may still be able to receive an EOPS grant if you have an unmet need.

Full-Time Student Status
Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units for the Fall 2023 semester. (Students may be accepted with 9 units, but it is not guaranteed)

California Resident
As established by AVC admissions policies (refer to AVC's catalog).

Non-College Graduate
Has not earned a college level degree and/or has not earned more than 70 degree applicable units. Applicants are responsible for securing transcripts from any other college(s) and making sure that all transcripts are on file at AVC.

Educational Disadvantage
Determined by our EOPS office pursuant to Title 5 regulations.

You will not be eligible for EOPS if you:

  • have excessive units for program entry (will be based on program demand)
  • have already earned a degree
  • are on academic probation or dismissal
  • are taking ESL classes under level 40
  • are not planning to enroll in 9 units or more for the Fall 2023 semester.
  • are not planning on filing a FAFSA
  • are not planning on filing a CADAA

Please Note: All EOPS students are required to take a 6 semester break per Title V. Students are eligible to reapply for EOPS, if the student still meets the program eligibility requirements after taking the 6 semester break.