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Food Resources


Our Basic Needs Center offers students to shop in our Marauder Marketplace! 

To qualify for this service a student must meet the following qualifications:

  • 6+ unit enrollment at AVC

  • 2.0 Semester Term GPA

  • 2.0 Cumulative GPA

  • Enrolled in courses that follow Academic Education Plan provided by Counseling

Once a student applies via the current semester's Basic Needs Application, they are given a point allotment based on the amount of units they are in this semester. 

  • 12+ Units = 40 points

  • 9-12 units = 30 points

  • 6-8 units = 20 points

  • SOAR high school students = 20 points

Points can be adjusted during the semester as students add and drop classes. We run registration reports to ensure your point values match your current class load. If a student drops below 6 units they will no longer be eligible to shop at our Marketplace. 

  • Points are given each week and cannot be rolled over or saved.

  • Only approved students can pick up items, a student cannot send someone in their place. 

  • Students cannot take excessive amounts of a few items. You should select a variety to ensure all students get the chance to try different items.  

  • Please bring your own bag to carry the items in. Our office does not have bags to give to students on a daily/weekly basis.

  • You can use our baskets to shop, we ask that you spend less than 15 minutes to ensure our space does not become too crowded. Once you have selected your items, you can check out with our student workers at the front counter.

Marauder Marketplace
Marauder Marketplace 2

If you do not meet qualifications to shop at our Marauder Marketplace you can still receive fresh produce from our bi-weekly distribution.

Please see the dates below and come visit us in T 100!

Marauder Produce Distribution Dates

Community Food Resources