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Faculty Inquiry Groups Program Overview

The Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs) Program allows faculty members to collaborate in person or online in order to address a specific topic or question related to student learning or instruction.   Participation in a Faculty Inquiry Group is a semester- or a year-long commitment undertaken by a group of 3 to 6 faculty members.  A participant who successfully completes a semester-long FIG will earn up to 10 hours of Standard 1 FPD credit, while a participant in a year-long FIG may claim up to 20 hours in Standard 1.  The FIG Facilitator is entitled to claim an additional 5 hours of Standard 2 credit for a semester-long FIG, and 10 hours for a year-long FIG.  A person is allowed to participate in only one FIG at a time.


Program Outcomes (Supported by AVC Institutional Learning Outcomes)

  1. Foster college-wide, interdisciplinary, and departmental community through the veneration of teaching, learning, research, and scholarship
  2. Investigate and incorporate ways that diversity and innovation can enhance teaching, learning, and assessment methods
  3. Expand creative, critical, and communication skills, resulting in greater instructional self-reflection and awareness of student learning
  4. Increase instructional responsibility in and connection to institution-wide perspectives, pathways, and narratives, as they impact teaching, learning, and student success


Program Requirements

In this program, three to six faculty members agree to collaborate in the investigation of a pedagogical or educational issue, trend, or innovation with the goal of increasing student success.  The FIG members will communicate regularly (preferably in person and/or electronically) to discuss strategies and approaches.  The findings or outcomes of their work will be identified in the facilitator’s reflective report.  At least three researched sources will also be critically referenced in this report submitted by the facilitator.  Examples of faculty inquiry groups include those focused on student engagement, distance learning, outcomes assessment, teaching within the framework of Guided Pathways, interdisciplinary approaches to reading and writing, and the creation of more culturally inclusive learning environments.  By participating in this program, AVC faculty members support the Chancellor’s Office Vision for Success, specifically the tenets to “Foster the use of data, inquiry, and evidence” and to “Enable action and thoughtful innovation.” 


In order to learn more about the program, contact the FPDC Chair or the FIG Liaison, Mark Hoffer (


Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG) Due Dates

Program Requirement

Fall FIG

Spring FIG

Year-Long FIG

Facilitator informs FIG Liaison and FPDC Chair of members and focus of the FIG via email

Week 3, Tuesday

Week 3, Tuesday

Fall, Week 3, Tuesday

FIG Plan due to FPDC Chair and FIG Liaison via email

Week 4, Friday

Week 4, Friday

Fall, Week 4, Friday

Reflective Report due to FIG Liaison and FPDC Chair

Week 14, Friday

Week 14, Friday

Fall/Spring Week 14, Friday

Faculty Inquiry Groups Program Forms