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Assessment and Course Placement

Based on statewide research and AB 705 legislation, students begin English and math courses at the transfer-level. This means no more placements tests! Instead, we use your U.S. high school performance, or "multiple measures", to qualify you for transfer-level English and math courses. In some instances, your placements may include recommendations or requirements to access additional support services while taking transfer-level courses.


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How Does It Work?

We use your self-reported high school information from your college application to place you into English and math courses. This automatically occurs when you submit the online application for admission. 

To view your course placements after applying to the college:

  1. Login to myAVC 
  2. Course placements are shown under the "Student Success Components" dashboard widget.


Students without applicable high school data (e.g., special admit or non-high school graduate) will receive a message to "See a Counselor." If you receive this message, make sure to follow-up with a Counselor who will guide you into appropriate English and math course placements that fit your educational goal.

Express Counseling is available as a walk-in service during regular hours of operation in the Student Services Building at the Lancaster Campus and Palmdale Center. You may also reach Counseling by phone at (661) 722-6300, ext. 6338, or go online to to chat with a counselor, if available.