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Student Handbook

The college offers many student-centered courses that build your skills in writing, math, and reading. The college catalog and this year’s student handbook list all degrees and certificates currently offered. In addition to the wide variety of courses, we have a Library where online resources are readily available on-site and from home and a Learning Center that complements classroom instruction. The Learning Center’s specialized labs for writing, math, reading, ESL and general tutoring are designed to help you acquire improved study strategies, content-specific information and assistance with test preparation.

Student Services faculty and staff are eager to offer you counseling services, assistance with financial aid, specialized assistance for those with disabilities, enrollment details, transfer information, career counseling or job placement. We also offer special services for those qualified for Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), CalWORKs and Student Transfer and Academic Retention (STAR). We hope you will investigate what these and other programs are about in this handbook and see how you can benefit.

The college also offers you an opportunity to engage with others outside the classroom through intercollegiate sports or activities sponsored by the Student Development Office. This office works with clubs and the Associated Student Organization to provide you an avenue for personal development and opportunities to help others. This year AVC is pleased to offer its accelerated learning courses to enhance support to basic skills students and a new open computer lab for student use at the Palmdale Center.

Download the Student Handbook (2020-2021)