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Technology Resources

Our Basic Needs Center partners with AVC's IT department to provide students in need with the following resources:

  • Wifi Hotspot

  • Chromebook Computer Loan

  • Windows Laptop Computer Loan


We receive many applications for these in demand devices. We currently prioritize students based on the following tiers:

  • Tier 1: Students taking 12+ units online

  • Tier 2: Students taking 9+ units online

  • Tier 3: Students taking 12+ units with at least 6 units online

  • Tier 4: Students taking 9+ units with at least 6 units online

  • Tier 5: Students taking 12+ units in person

  • Tier 6: Students taking 6+ units online

  • Tier 7: Students taking 6+ units in person


While we prioritize the students who fall into the first several tiers, the remaining students will be placed on a waitlist until we can determine if we have enough units available. If we have the inventory our intention is to provide technology for as many students as possible.  


Students are encouraged to use on campus technology located in our Learning Center, Computer Labs, and Library.

  • Mesquite Hall 113

    • 7:30am-8pm M-Th

    • 7:30am-11:30am Friday

  • Yoshida Hall 161 

    • 7:30am-7pm M-Th

    • 7:30am-11:30am Friday

  • Uhazy Hall 272

    • 8am-8pm M-Th

    • 8am-2:30pm Friday

  • Learning Center - Sage Hall

  • Library


Community Technology Resources