Training materials for the new Vision Resource Center (Cornerstone) system can be found in the Technical Training course FPD module .

There are several pages in the module with explanations, instructions, and videos. Information may change as the system matures so please make sure to revisit the module from time to time.

AVC Faculty Engagement Program

The Faculty Engagement Program offers an opportunity for faculty to support one another for the purpose of strengthening teaching, learning, research, and scholarship in their discipline, or in related disciplines. There are four distinct structures for developing these skills, but all share similar program outcomes. The structures are Faculty Inquiry GroupsFaculty Learning CommunitiesFaculty Mentorships, and Instructional Exchanges. 

The programs vary in length from one-semester to year-long.  Plans are due at the start of the semester and reports are due at the end of each semester. Both are submitted to the FPD chair, or designated committee member(s) or liaison.

Participants claiming FPD credit must self-report their hours in Cornerstone, just as they do for all other FPD events.

Faculty may participate in as many programs as they wish each academic year, but only one of each type at a time. 

Mission Statement

By adopting the Flexible Calendar Option, Antelope Valley College provides full-time and adjunct faculty members (both teaching and non-teaching) with time and opportunities for participating in professional development. Through a carefully designed program, we intend to address the needs of our institution as it continues to grow, explore current and innovative curriculum issues and classroom strategies, and offer faculty from different disciplines a chance to discuss and exchange ideas. The Flex Program offers growth by allowing faculty to be exposed to a variety of programs and workshops.