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OSD Eligibility Requirements & Acceptable Documentation

The Office for Students With Disabilities program is administered in accordance with guidelines established in the AVC Catalog, Title V of the California Code of Regulations, and the California Education Code.

Students participating in special programs and services offered through OSD are required to complete an intake interview with the OSD Director, OSD Counselor, or the Learning Disability Specialist.

Students with physical or psychological disabilities entering the OSD program are required to have their disabilities verified by an appropriate professional and/or physician.

Students receiving learning disability services must complete diagnostic tests conducted by a certified Learning Disability Specialist or provide results of such tests conducted within the past three years by an appropriate professional.

Students receiving speech-language services must be certified by a Speech-Language Specialist.

All medical information and disability documentation must be submitted by the student, in order to receive OSD services. Participation in Adaptive Physical Education (KINF 100) may require a physician's evaluation and recommendation.

OSD Guidelines for Acceptable Documentation