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Welcome Message

The Antelope Valley is home to one of the largest density concentrations of STEM related workers in the nation. The local major aerospace contractors (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman), the federal research labs in Edwards Air Force Base and China Lake, along with the private aerospace industry housed in the Mojave airport, are constantly recruiting local STEM talent offering high starting salaries and competitive benefits. Furthermore, the need of STEM employees is also great at a national level as it has been documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Science Foundation.

Antelope Valley College (AVC) is one of very few community colleges that offer a comprehensive pathway to all STEM related majors.

We are especially happy to announce a unique partnership between Antelope Valley College and the Cal State Long Beach State College of Engineering to offer a local engineering pathway to degree completion in both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Students complete the first two years of their study at AVC and upon completion of all requirements they are guaranteed a place in the Long Beach Engineering program housed at the Lancaster University Center, here in Lancaster.

We are also in close partnership with all the local high school districts developing robust articulation agreements, summer programs, STEM competitions, and teacher training.

A big thanks goes to our partners from aerospace and other industry and local government.

Christos Valiotis
Dean of Math, Science, and Engineering