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Faculty Mentorships Program Overview

The Faculty Mentorships (FMs) Program, which features both semester- and year-long mentorships, offers collaborative pairings in order to support, guide, and inspire faculty members in the enhancement of teaching methods, in the promotion of interdisciplinary exchange and cultural diversity, and in the encouragement of scholarly engagement and lifelong learning.  Both mentors and mentees who successfully complete the program will earn up to 10 hours of Standard 1 credit for a semester-long mentorship, or up to 20 hours for a full year.


Program Outcomes (Supported by AVC Institutional Learning Outcomes)

  1. Maintain college-wide, cross-discipline, and departmental community through the veneration of teaching, learning, research, scholarship, and career guidance
  2. Investigate and incorporate ways that diversity and innovation can enhance teaching, learning, and assessment methods
  3. Communicate ideas more effectively, with a stronger sense of collaboration, shared research, and critical attention to audience
  4. Increase workplace acclimation, civic responsibility, and interest in institutional perspectives and narratives, as they impact teaching, learning, and student success


Program Requirements

The mentor and mentee, once paired, will jointly devise and submit a FM Plan that will establish a focus as well as feature steps or components to the mentoring that will lead to stated outcomes.  The mentor and mentee may elect to stay in regular professional contact with each other through electronic means, but they must meet in person at least twice per month throughout the term of the program.  The mentor and mentee will also jointly develop and submit a Reflective Report at the end of each academic term.  The report will provide a description of what was accomplished, as well as establish how the participants will integrate what they learned into their work at the college.


In order to learn more about the program, contact the FPDC Chair or the Faculty Mentorship Liaison, Mark Hoffer (

Program Requirements

Fall Mentorship

Spring Mentorship

Year-Long Mentorship

Mentor and Mentee contact FPDC Chair and FM Liaison via email

Week 3, Tuesday

Week 3, Tuesday

Fall, Week 3, Tuesday

FM Plan due to FPDC Chair and FM Liaison

Week 4, Friday

Week 4, Friday

Fall, Week 4, Friday

FM Reflective Report due to FPDC Chair and FM Liaison

Week 14, Friday

Week 14, Friday

Fall/Spring Week 14, Friday


Faculty Mentorships Forms

Mentorship Plan

Reflective Report