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Child Development Center: Parental Involvement

Your Involvement

The child’s family has the most important role in the child’s life. Therefore, we want to involve families in our program as much as possible. We invite you to participate in your child’s classroom, support activities, or attend Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings. Everyone wishing to volunteer in the classroom must first have his or her TB test results on file in the CDC office. For the safety of the children, please do not consume hot drinks in the classroom or in the playground. We always welcome parents/guardians to observe their child from the booth in order to better understand their behavior and development, as well as the Center’s curriculum.


Observation rooms are provided for every preschool classroom in the Center for the use of students and parents/guardians. No notice is required for their use, and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to visit as often as they wish. We do request and require that while using the observation rooms that quiet behavior be maintained by each individual. Please note the posted guidelines in the observation room.