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Antelope Valley College is positioned to provide customized, unique training programs for employers in the region. These programs are designed for business clients who need employee training in specific skills. Antelope Valley College can bring many of our business skills development programs, as well as customized training programs, to your place of business.

Program Features:

  • Courses taught by experts in their field
  • Classes available online, on campus or on job site
  • Courses can be tailored to meet your company's mission, training objectives and goals

If you are interested in training programs, please contact extendedlearning@avc.edu.

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Customer Service

This course is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary to establish effective customer service-including public administration skills, sales techniques, and conflict management. This course is focused upon serving the public.

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Communication in the Workplace

This course is designed to introduce the student to key elements in communication within business organizations. Topics will include verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills and specific workplace communication skills.

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Values and Ethics

This course is designed to acquaint the participant with the importance of values and ethics in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on how values influence actions, evaluating one's ethical behavior, and helping people do the right thing.

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Team Building

This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of how teams work together, common problems teams encounter and how to resolve team conflict. Students will learn to recognize various personalities and how their strengths and weaknesses impact a team. Students will be introduced to team building in the workplace.

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Attitude in the Workplace

Provides key skills so that participants may effectively maintain a positive attitude in the workplace. Students will be introduced to the concepts of how attitudes are communicated, and how to adjust one's attitude.

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Time Management

Introduction to time management principles and specific tools that assist in making maximum use of time. Emphasis on how to prioritize, identification of time wasters, and goal setting.

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Decision Making and Problem Solving

Introduction to decision making and problem-solving techniques including brainstorming, creativity in the workplace, how to find new perspectives, and seeking alternatives.

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Stress Management

Overview of the key elements of stress management. Topics will include the recognition of stress, causes of stress, and the benefits of stress management. Various stress management techniques will be covered.

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Conflict Resolution

Introduction to the meaning of conflict, the causes of conflict, and strategies for resolving interpersonal conflicts well as dealing with difficult customers.

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Managing Organization Change

Provides students with the understanding of change and the influence it has on an organization and the individuals in that organization. Topics will include understanding organizational change, stages of change, and how to manage organizational change.

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