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Information Technology Services: Mission & Goals

The ITS Vision

The Information Technology Services Vision is to provide reliable, accessible, high quality information technology services supporting the district's instructional and operational needs.

The ITS Mission

The Information Technology Services Mission is to provide a stable information technology (IT) infrastructure and to protect the accessibility, integrity and availability of the district's IT resources for our students, employees, alumni and community members.

We apply our technical competence toward effective management and efficient utilization of these resources, while exploring and appropriately developing emerging technologies to meet the challenges of the district's changing instructional and operational IT needs.

ITS Goals (Operational Outcomes)

  1. Ensure transparent reliability of IT infrastructure, district IT equipment, information systems and telecommunications resources.

  2. Facilitate secure access to district computers, information systems, telecommunications and other information technology resources.

  3. Provide quality technical training and assistance to students, employees, alumni and community members.

  4. Proactively collaborate with others to implement emerging IT solutions to meet the district's instructional and operational needs.

  5. Collaborate with others to encourage appropriate use and comprehensive standardization of IT resources.

  6. Respond to district needs by continuously improving the processes and procedures that facilitate effectiveness in all IT services.