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AP&P Representatives 2023-24

Role Name Email
Co-chairs Rep  
Vice President, Academic Affairs Dr. Kathy Bakhit
Library Dr. Scott Lee
Academic Senate Appointed Faculty Rep  
Articulation Officer Dr. Jessica Eaton
Counseling/Student Services Ms. Tamira Palmetto Despain
Counseling/Student Services Ms. Tanya McGinnis
Arts and Humanities Ms. Cindy Littlefield
Arts and Humanities Ms. Lisa Karlstein
Athletics and Kinesiology Mr. Tim Atkerson
Career Technical Education Mr. Travis Lee
Career Technical Education Dr. Wendy Stout
Math, Science, and Engineering Mr. James Dorn
Math, Science, and Engineering Dr. Jonathan Compton
Language and Communication Arts Ms. Heidi Williams
Language and Communication Arts Dr. Ariel Tumbaga
Social and Behavioral Sciences Mr. David Harrison
Social and Behavioral Sciences / Tech Review Ms. Gabrielle Poorman
Library / Instructional Resources Vacant  
Tech Review Dr. Cindy Hendrix
Outcomes Representative Vacant  
Outcomes Representative Vacant  
Adjunct Representative Mr. Larry Veres
Associated Student Body Voting Mr. Alan Filion
Associated Student Body Voting Mr. Robert "Bobby" Bennett
Areas Admin Rep  
Student Services Dean Ms. LaDonna Trimble
Academic Dean Ms. Kathryn Mitchell
Career/Technical Dean Mr. Greg Bormann
Support Academic Affairs  
Academic Affairs Specialist Mr. Kyle Jacobsen
Academic Affairs Specialist Ms. Samantha Darby
Academic Affairs Specialist - Temporary Ms. Debbie Lindsey
Academic Affairs Specialist Ms. Robyn Serrano