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Admissions & Records

The Admissions and Records Office is the first place a student should visit. We process all admission and registration forms.

Mission Statement:

The Enrollment Services (Admissions & Records, Graduation and Transcript Departments) mission is to serve as a continuous resource for students throughout their academic experience. 

Enrollment Services serves as a resource for admissions, registration transactions, academic records and grades, athletic intercollegiate eligibility, petitions, evaluation of transcripts for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates, enrollment verifications, and the production of a timely and accurate transcript.  Enrollment Services is committed to a positive student experience and offers a variety of accurate, efficient, and prompt services using a variety of resources and technologies.


Admissions Forms

AB 540 


Residency Packet.pdf

Academic Renewal Form


Loss of Enrollment Priority and/or BOG Fee Waiver Appeal

Request for 2+2 Articulation   

Special Admit Form - Middle/High School

Petition for Extenuating Circumstances    Pass/No Pass Form
Information Change Form    Add/Drop Form
Overlapping Course Form    
Major Codes.pdf    


All documents are PDFs.


Admissions and Records FAQs

I'm a new student, where do I start?

When and how do I apply?

How can I get priority registration?

How do I find my registration appointment?

How do I add/drop a course?

What are registration add errors?

When is a picture ID needed?

What do I do if the class I want is closed?

What do I do if I have a hold on my records?

When do I pay for my classes?


Online Services FAQs

What is my initial Password for myAVC?

What if I forget my Username or Password to log into myAVC?

Why should I use myAVC?

Email and Announcements, why should I read them?

How do I view my Final Grades or Academic Transcript?

How do I get more information on myAVC features?


Annual Campus Safety and Security Report