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How to Contact Your EOPS Counselor

All EOPS students are assigned to EOPS Counselors based on their last names. Please find your assigned EOPS Counselor's name, email address, phone number, and Cranium Cafe link below. On the day and time of your scheduled EOPS appointment, click on your EOPS Counselors' Cranium Cafe link to meet with your counselor. If you have a phone appointment you must call your Counselor at the scheduled time. All appointments will be considered missed if there is no contact within 10 minutes of the scheduled time.


Dr. Salvador Suarez ( Last names A-F,  and S-Z)

Cranium Café: http://avc.craniumcafe.com/ssuarez8

Email: salvador.suarezjr@avc.edu  

Phone: 661-722-6300 Ext. 6366


Mrs. Dietra Jackson (Last names G-R)

Cranium Café: http://avc.craniumcafe.com/djackson56

Email: dietra.jackson@avc.edu 

Phone: 661-722-6300 Ext. 6347


Mrs. Peggy Sosa

Cranium Café: http://avc.craniumcafe.com/pgutierrez16  

Email: peggy.sosa@avc.edu 

Phone: 661-722-6300 Ext. 2065


Video: How to Contact your EOPS Counselor on Cranium Café