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Class Schedule

Important Notice: Face-to-Face (F2F) classes depend on LA County Department of Health permissions. If restrictions do not allow in-person meeting, the impacted F2F class may be delivered by Zoom online at the days and times listed in the schedule. Students will be notified via email if changes are required.

Live Online (OLI)

  • These are fully remote instruction lecture classes with specific days and times that will meet via Zoom or other electronic method (also known as synchronous distance education).

In Person Face-to-Face (F2F)

  • These are 100% face-to-face courses.

Online Distance Ed (DEd)

  • These are traditional online courses that typically list as "Online" on the schedule and are also known as Asynchronous Distance Education, where you work alone. There are no live meetings and you work entirely online and independently.

In Person Blended (BLE)

  • These classes will include in-person and online instruction. When not in the classroom, students will also learn and participate online.

Hybrid (HYB)

  • These classes have an in-person orientation and may also have in-person tests. All instruction will be held online.