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Workstation equipment is assigned to employees based upon role, and business need. The following outlines standards reviewed and revised by the Information Technology Committee, and are configured on an assumption of one workstation (be it desktop, laptop, or tablet), per employee. Deviations on standards must have a sound business case and be endorsed by the Dean or Director of a unit.  Models listed are examples as manufacturers update specs and models regularly. 

Hardware Standards by Position or Role

  Desktop Laptop Tablet / Surface Display(s) Phone / Desktop Handset Confidential Printer
President/VP/ExecDir/Dean   x x 2 485G Yes
Director   x x 2 480G Yes (d)
Manager   x (a)   1 (c) 480G  
Supervisor/Coordinator x     1 480G (d)
Executive Assistant   x x 2 485G (d)
Administrative Assistant   x x 2 480G (d)
Clerical III x     1 (c) 480G  
Clerical II x     1 (c) 420G  
Clerical I x     1 (c) 420G  
General Classified Staff x     1 420G  
Technical Analyst x x (a)   1 (c) 420G  
Human Resources Staff x     1 (c) 420G  
Business Services Staff x     1 (c) 420G  
Staff Other x     1 420G  
Chairs x     1 (c) 420G  
Faculty (F/T)   x (b,c) x (b,c) 1 420G  
Adjunct Faculty General Classified Staff Station 1 420G  
Base Instructional Lab x     x    


Standard Hardware Budgetary Estimates      

All-In-One - Dell OptiPlex 7490 i7-10700, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 24" Screen

Confirm with IT     27" available based upon business need and work space constraints


Laptop - Dell Laptop 5520 i7-1185G7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 15.6" touchscreen $1104    
Mfg. Part#:    Laser Etching Mfg# LSRETCNONREFLTTR2
CAD Lab Station - Dell Precision 3650 i9-11900, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Quadro P2200 $1,457      
Tablet - Dell Latitude 7320 $1434      
27" LCD $188      
34" LCD based upon Business Need, req Dean/VP Approval $505      
Apple/Macintosh Laptop/iMac based upon Business Need, req Dean/VP Approval        
Desk Printers        
HP B/W Printer - M404DN $300      
HP Color Printer - M454DN $300      
HP MultiFunction - M428FDN (B/W) $315      
HP MultiFunction - M479FDN (Color) $394      
High Volume Desk Printers   Additional Feeder Tray    
HP M607dn (B/W) 55ppm 13000pm month $957 L0H17A                    $240    
HP M553dn (Color) 40ppm 6000pm month $644 B5L34A                    $285    
HP M652dn (Color) 50ppm 2000-14000 month $1309 P1B09A                    $307    
Misc Equipment        
HP ScanJet Pro 300 s3 $480      
Plantronics Dual Monitor Stand - 997-5253-00        
Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC  $150      
Plantronics MDA220 USB (required to work with phones on campus) $85      
Desktop Handset        
Shoretel IP420G $150      
Shoretel IP480G $260      
Shoretel IP485G $301      
Logitech Z213 Speaker System (President/VP/Exec Dir/Dean/Director) $30      
Logitech Z150 Speaker System $18      
Docking Station/Power Adapters        
USB-C Docking Station with 85W Power $146      
Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter - DA310 (for Latitude 7320) $56      
a - Dependent upon Business need
b - Upon demonstrated interest in Collabrative Instructional Spaces
c - Dual displays based upon business case by Dean/Division head
d - Demonstrated need for confidential printing
e - Custom Lab configurations based up on software demands - Consult with IT