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Biennial Faculty Exhibition 2023

The Biennial Faculty Exhibition highlights the creative work of our faculty to explore their recent projects and artistic research. Antelope Valley College is a vibrant center of art and design which educates and prepares students to be innovative, creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and globally engaged citizens. Faculty practice embraces traditional and contemporary approaches toward materials, forms, techniques, and ideas. By presenting the work of our faculty, we provide students, prospective students, and community members a look at the talent and resources within the visual and digital art programs at AVC. 

Friends of the Gallery Exhibition 2023

The Friends of the Gallery exhibition incorporates a diverse variety of media, from oil on canvas and ceramics to video and digital media. It represents artists of all ages and backgrounds to cultivate a dynamic exchange between students, local artists, and our friends in the broader community. To participate, please bring one ready to hang artwork to the Art Gallery during our drop-off date where you can complete a membership form, and loan agreement. All media are accepted. We encourage work completed within the last two years and not previously shown in the gallery. 

Student Art Exhibition 2024

The annual Antelope Valley College Student Art Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to view a collection of works produced by current AVC art students. Spotlighting the talent, creativity, and dedication involved in art making, the exhibition features painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, design, media and photography explorations. The exhibition celebrates the wide range of visual art disciplines available at AVC, and the diverse media and expressive content our student artists are creating during their time on campus.

Artist and Curatorial Proposals

The Antelope Valley College (AVC) Art Gallery is currently accepting artist and curatorial proposals for upcoming art exhibitions which offer students, staff, and the public engaging opportunities for creative insights through experiences of art, design, and visual culture in a higher education setting. An artist, group of artists, or curator/s who wish to propose an exhibition should send proposals for shows, and/or events to: Larissa Nickel at artgallery@avc.edu

The proposal needs to include the following:

A 200-300 word abstract that describes the themes and content of the show, media exhibited, installation requirements, as well as the preferred month of the year for the exhibition.

10-20 jpgs of representative work, formatted into one PDF document, which includes the following additional information: artwork dimensions, dates, media, and title(s) as well as artist website links.

A current CV for the exhibiting artists/curators.

Proposals should support the higher educational mission of the AVC Arts and Humanities Department, and the Community College District. 


After proposal submission, the proposals are forwarded to the AVC Art Gallery Group for consideration. Once an exhibition receives approval, the artist(s)/curator(s) will work directly with the gallery to organize exhibition logistics.

The AVC Art Gallery does welcome and support underrepresented artists and curators, as well as experimental exhibition ideas, and cross disciplinary approaches.